Catherine Dawson at Portmeirion village in Wales

Dr. Catherine Dawson has been a researcher specialising in educational research and a tutor working with adults for over twenty-five years. She is also a shareholder of a successful family property business.

Having obtained a BA (Hons) Combined Humanities at what was then West Midlands College of Higher Education, Catherine went on to study for an MA Social Research at Kent University and a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University. Her research projects have included trends and prospects in the private rented sector and learning choices of adults returning to education.

She has written extensively for academic journals and popular magazines and is passionate about providing information to help under-represented groups enter further and higher education, and for people who are interested in investing in property.

The quotations, tips, case studies and examples contained in the books have been collected by Catherine through interviews, focus groups and questionnaires. These have been conducted with students and property developers/investors throughout the United Kingdom.