Financial Survival for Students

Woodland in Snowdonia, Wales

This book is aimed at all students, especially those who are about to leave school and enter college or university. It covers the following issues:



The book is easily accessible to students and, as such, provides a valuable resource for careers teachers, advice workers and other people who offer information and advice about learning opportunities. Feedback has been very positive, with customers returning for each updated version of the book.


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Financial Survival for Students - Table of Contents


  1. Financial Support for Further Education (England & Wales)
  2. Financial Support for Further Education (Scotland)
  3. Discretionary Awards (Northern Ireland)
  4. Education Maintenance Allowance
  5. Residential Allowances for Further Education (England)
  6. Government Financial Support for Higher Education (England & Wales)
  7. Government Financial Support for Higher Education (Northern Ireland)
  8. Government Financial Support for Higher Education (Scotland)
  9. Financial Support for Students with Disabilities
  10. Financial Support for Health Care Students
  11. Financial Support for Teacher Training
  12. Financial Support for Dance and Drama
  13. Financial Support for Social Work Students
  14. Financial Support for Study Abroad
  15. Student Loans
  16. Parental Contribution
  17. University Studentships, Scholarships and Awards
  18. Scholarships for the Fine and Performing Arts
  19. Sponsorship for Sport
  20. Company Sponsorship and Bursaries
  21. Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme
  22. Royal Air Force Sponsorship
  23. Royal Navy Sponsorship
  24. Army Sponsorship
  25. Educational Trusts and Charities
  26. The Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust
  27. Professional and Career Development Loans
  28. Work-based Learning
  29. Part-time and Vacation Work


  1. Tuition Fees
  2. Accommodation Costs
  3. Utilities
  4. Insurance
  5. Course Materials, Books and Stationery
  6. Photocopying and Laser Printing
  7. Information Technology
  8. Travel
  9. Field Trips and Study Abroad
  10. Entertainment and Social Activities
  11. Sports and Leisure Activities
  12. Income Tax
  13. Council Tax
  14. National Insurance Contributions


  1. Opening and Using a Bank Account
  2. Credit Cards and Personal Loans
  3. How to Plan your Budget
  4. Dealing with Debt


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