Investing in Property for Your Children

by Catherine Dawson

ISBN: 978-1905261789

This book is a complete guide to investing in property for your children. It covers the different types of property investment that are available to parents and includes all the related information such as leaving property in wills, setting up trusts, paying inheritance tax and protecting your investment.

This book is aimed at anyone who is thinking about investing in property as a means of saving and making money for their child’s future.

Practical information includes a property investment checklist, a but-to-let property checklist, a property search checklist, examples of HM Revenue and Customs Inheritance Tax forms and HM Revenue and Customs Trust forms. There are also useful case studies and quotations from people who have invested in property for their children.


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Investing in Property for Your Children - Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Choosing to Invest in Property

  1. Knowing about the types of property investment
  2. Assessing the advantages and disadvantages
  3. Analysing housing market trends
  4. Predicting investment trends and prospects
  5. Assessing skills, knowledge and experience
  6. Conducting background research
  7. Summary

Chapter 2: Knowing about Property Inheritance

  1. Inheriting private property
  2. Understanding the procedure for transferring property after your death
  3. Choosing what to do with an inherited property
  4. Knowing about The Inheritance (Provision for Family Dependants) Act
  5. Seeking professional advice
  6. Discussing inheritance with your children
  7. Summary

Chapter 3: Understanding Inheritance Tax

  1. Knowing about inheritance tax liability
  2. Understanding inheritance tax implications
  3. Case study 1 - Mark
  4. Taking action to reduce IHT
  5. Giving away property and assets
  6. Case study 2 – Alison
  7. Valuing your estate

Chapter 4: Knowing about Inheritance Tax Exemptions

  1. Exempt gifts
  2. Potentially exempt transfers
  3. Chargeable lifetime transfers
  4. Making the most of exemptions, relief and transfers
  5. Summary

Chapter 5: Paying Other Tax on Property

  1. Stamp Duty Land Tax
  2. Capital Gains Tax
  3. Pre-owned Asset Tax
  4. Council tax
  5. Paying tax on rental income
  6. Knowing about tax relief and incentives
  7. Reducing your tax bill
  8. Summary

Chapter 6: Planning your Finances

  1. Assessing the financial viability of your property investment
  2. Assessing the financial implications for your children
  3. Raising capital
  4. Protecting your finances
  5. Summary


Chapter 7: Helping your Child onto the Property Ladder

  1. Assessing the advantages and disadvantages
  2. Understanding the financial implications
  3. Providing financial help
  4. Helping with the mortgage
  5. Taking out an equity stake
  6. Drawing up an agreement
  7. Understanding tax implications
  8. Summary

Chapter 8: Buying Property for your Student Child

  1. Assessing the advantages and disadvantages
  2. Understanding the financial implications
  3. Finding suitable properties
  4. Letting your accommodation
  5. Knowing about student letting rules and regulations
  6. Managing your property
  7. Protecting your property and investment
  8. Case Study 3 – Mr and Mrs Fitzsimmons
  9. Summary

Chapter 9: Investing in a Second Property for your Child

  1. Assessing the advantages and disadvantages
  2. Understanding the financial implications
  3. Finding suitable properties
  4. Making the most of your investment
  5. Managing your property
  6. Protecting your property
  7. Summary


Chapter 10: Protecting Against Financial Loss

  1. Maintaining your property
  2. Arranging insurance
  3. Knowing when and how to sell
  4. Summary
  5. Further reading

Chapter 11: Leaving Property in your Will

  1. Drawing up a will
  2. Appointing executors
  3. Appointing guardians
  4. Covering against divorce or separation
  5. Safeguarding your property investment
  6. Summary
  7. Further reading

Chapter 12: Leaving Property in Trust

  1. Setting up a trust
  2. Managing a trust
  3. Ensuring your funds are protected
  4. Leaving property in trust to your minor child or children
  5. Knowing about the different types of trust
  6. Summary
  7. Further reading
  8. Conclusion

Property investment options - summary

Appendix 1 – Property investment checklist

Appendix 2 – Buy-to-let investment checklist

Appendix 3 – Property search checklist

Appendix 4 – Property viewing checklist

Appendix 5 – Alternative investment opportunities

Appendix 6 – Sample Forms

Useful Addresses

Useful Websites

Further Reading


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